Racist Costumes’ Gold Medal Award

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Racist Costumes’ Gold Medal Award

If the benefit of national celebrations in America are their ability to let the majority of us tuck away differences and unite even if temporarily around a common connection; Halloween is the exception that proves the rule – unity is not our comfort zone. The charm of Trick or Treating is that it allows for the expression of personal fetishes and fears with impunity. All for shits & giggles and unconditional reward. It also gives racists, bigots, and sociopaths a perennial “hall pass” to actualize their hateful fuckery. Misopaedic Sickos treat kiddies to laced candy or razor embedded apples. Junior Gerontophobes egg unsuspecting old folks or TP their homes. And ever since adults co-opted Halloween and refuse to let it go, Dim Witted Assholes revel in revealing their inner racist by their costume choice.

Racist costumes are neither inventive nor surprising when you appreciate that Halloween is a synthesis of ancient ancestral remembrance rituals misconceived by the modern masses as worship of the dead. This misconception owes much to the incendiary linguistic relationship between the Latin Necro (Death) and Negro (Black). Basically ancient indigenous persons of color and later their European descendants lived out a culture of remembering ancestors around this time of the year but their “so-called civilized” fairer skinned neighbors processed these rituals and customs as ominously morbid and something to be feared.

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”  Yoda (Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back)

Disgustingly the suffering is wholly leveled on the mocked ethnic groups, who are almost exclusively persons of color while the perpetrators are hardly ever persons of color. News Media coverage exposing these attention thirsty jack-holes while simultaneously winking for more at the camera is nothing short of solicitation.  Blogs, vlogs, infograhics and special interest campaigns warning against racist costumes go blatantly and defiantly ignored. Meanwhile, those who get busted in Minstrelsy Blackface, IDF Uniforms, Prosthetic Semitic Noses, or Sacred Ethnic Regalia most common defense is an incredulous chorus of  “What?! Some of my best friends are… “.

Intelligent people don’t give a damn how many yellow, red, brown, olive or black friends you have, your bullshit is unacceptable and must stop or be stopped.

It’s tantamount to a hate crime and an appropriate CTA would be to lobby for such a designation. Personally I advocate for something more expedient, warranted, and customary. Its time to add the Trick to the proverbial Treat of White Privilege that mentally constipates these idiots from caring about the suffering they are causing others. For this reason, I’ll have a sack of Gold Medal Flour on hand through the weekend so I can reward any racist costume wearers I come across. All for shits & giggles of course.


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