Dwayne Johnson’s Black Mythology bka Niggering Up The Rock

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Dwayne Johnson’s Black Mythology bka Niggering Up The Rock

The pressure is real. Ever since The Rock, Dwayne Jonson announced that he was producing and starring in his own film about black folklore hero John Henry,.the questioning about his racial identity has gained traction to the point where The Rock recently was compelled to publicly declare himself half Black/Half Samoan. While many of you applaud the revelation for your own reasons, take a minute to think about what’s occurred. A virtual mob pressured a huge movie star to acquiesce to a pedigree check. The type of shit they did to slaves; particularly mulatto and light skinned slaves and/or passers. To note though, there is no history of Black’s outing Black’s who passed. White’s exposing passers or framing other whites as passers is historic. Here’s how DJ’s Black Mythology led to his niggerization.

Last October The Rock announced he was producing John Henry and The Statesmen for Netflix and would star in the title role. The Rock said he admired the character ever since his father introduced the legend to him in song as a boy. The title, director and diverse roles written into the story hint at the movie being a new adventure for John Henry with lots of action and comedy. More Sinbad’s Cherokee Kid and less the realism of say Django. Clearly that grain of salt ain’t in some people’s cupboards. Black bloggers and Black twitter like to die at the thought of The Rock playing John Henry. A disgust clearly based in colorism.

One thing you gotta remember is anytime some shit goes down it starts with us. Coming from an emotional place the Blacks and the Browns raised the question and for the first time in his nearly 30 year career in the mainstream spotlight, Dwayne Johnson’s ethnic identity was a source of controversy.

“I identify as exactly what I am – both. Equally proud. Black/Samoan.” The Rock, Twitter, March 19, 2019

Within days of his making the above declaration the bigoted segment of his white fans would grow offended by the Rock’s producing and promoting BET’s Finding Justice documentary on social inequality and injustice. One poster even signified the absence of the white support that usually trails DJ’s social activism.

Also remember what goes up must come down. Publicly we turned up the heat on our brother because we thought he wasn’t a brother based on his job assignments and sadly a mass oblivion to his advocacy for oppressed people. Carelessly we exposed  something about him that could potentially be exploited and used against him and ta da it was. And look when…see timing is everything. The bigots and racist come for him now that he is leveraging his power to continue to accomplish things for poor people in general and people of color in specific.

What now? He’s said he’s one of us. His actions been proved he cares about us. His production company, like Micheal B. Jordan’s, is committed to producing Black mythology and folklore. Will you have his back when they really come for him? You know they are so the only question remains is, ‘Is he black enough for ya?’.

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