Stagger Lee – Put Some ‘Spect On My Name

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Stagger Lee – Put Some ‘Spect On My Name

There are no known existing photos of Stagger Lee but when i saw the current state of the #staggerlee page, I was sickened to my stomach.

Here is a hashtag in honor of a historic Black legend and the blackest thing on the page most of the time is Amy Winehouse’s mascara.

I knew I found the subject of my first real mash up and the birth of the Hardihood Illustrated Hip Hop x History series. I settled on Drake for the mash up because the historic Stack was described in prison records as 5′ 7” with a crossed left eye and a light skinned enough to suggest mixed parentage. (He wasn’t tho. See Stagger Lee: Mighty Amazing Facts)

If you haven’t already be sure to check out Stagger Lee: Mighty Amazing Facts in Mighty Amazing.


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