The Art of Ashleigh Sharmaine Queen of the Cartoon Crossover

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The Art of Ashleigh Sharmaine Queen of the Cartoon Crossover

Scrolling through my IG explore page one day, an mage of Oscar Proud looking like Martin caught my eye. I think I guffawed, like that off guard laughter that you try to stifle. I hit the like button and cruised her page for more. She didn’t disappoint and I found a cool corner of the gram to see some refreshing cartoon crossover art.

At a time when it seems that black supporting characters on ensemble cast cartoons and live action are fortunate to get a predominately Black family and are even more special to have that family fleshed out, here was Ashleigh coming for the norm by extrapolating these marginalized Black characters and putting them front and center in their own worlds and worlds endeared to the culture.

The magic of her work is that it will have you either wanting to see the crossovers dreamed up or teetering on disappoint thinking when did that come on and how did I miss it? Her casting choices possess an inter-generational as well as an inter-interest appeal that leaves you wanting the full experience.

This past April, Ashleigh treated fans of Daria’s jodie , Kim Possible’s Monique, and The City Girls
to a three way inter-sectional mash up. She didn’t just bring the characters together though, she also brought a diverse group of her and their fans together in a ‘quote a verse’ challenge. I know you can imagine the weed smoking hottie typing a verse but what about the work at home mom taking a nursing break with her newborn, or business exec checking the gram on downtime? From the porch to the boardroom Ashleigh’s got their attention.

Do yourself a favor and check out Ashleigh’s instagram  @ashleighsharmaine. Your need for levity will thank you. And in the meantime her are a two more of my favorites from the Queen of Cartoon Crossovers.



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